Viv Albertine - Flesh - 12

Viv Albertine - Flesh - 12" Ruby Red vinyl

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Viv Albertine of The Slits' rare, long-unavailable EP gets a special release for the first time ever on vinyl. As Viv writes:
'The tracks on Flesh were recorded in 2009 and originally released on CD by Thurston Moore on his Ecstatic Peace label. The songs were written at a time of personal and emotional upheaval in my life, still I think there is something optimistic and naive about them. I hadn't played guitar for twenty years so had to relearn how to play - it all came back to me - not the technicality, which I never had, but the sound, my sound.
The track I Should Have Known was recorded a couple of years later. When Mick Jones heard me play the song live he said he would like to do a remix of it. He also added more guitar and backing vocals (I've always loved his voice). He said he gave the backing vocals a Jagger-ish twang.
I did the meat paintings at Chelsea & Westminster Art School in 1974/75 - which is where I first met Mick.'
Limited to 1,000 numbered copies and pressed on Ruby Red vinyl, includes bonus unreleased track and four postcards in a series of Viv's meat paintings from Chelsea & Westminster Art School in 1974/75.