The Urban Voodoo Machine -  Gypsy Hotel - Volume 1 - CD

The Urban Voodoo Machine - Gypsy Hotel - Volume 1 - CD

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Since it first opened its doors four years ago, the Gypsy Hotel club has usually been a sold-out affair. The reason for this is simple – it is the best party in town! In addition to the circus side shows, stand up comedians, tassel twirlers, fire eaters, snake charmers, one man bands, magicians, sword swallowers, trannies and freaks - the quality of the bands that have graced the Hotel’s stage, is unsurpassed. This album presents a selection of studio tracks from some of those acts; including a few rare and previously unreleased numbers.

An international line-up featuring the raw talent of London’s The Urban Voodoo Machine and The Jim Jones Revue (who the world has now caught up with – Gypsy Hotel gave it to you first!). Swiss Voodoo Rhythm label-mates the Dead Brothers and Mama Rosin (recent stars of the Jools Holand LATER TV show). Dublin’s The Mighty Stef and solo outings from New York’s Vic Ruggerio (The Slackers) and Spider Stacy (The Pogues)...and a whole host more.

Musically this album reflects the sounds you can expect to hear at the club, including: rockabilly, gypsy, skiffle, tango, ska, blues, doo-wop, Irish folk, mambo, country, rembetika, swing, ragtime, bluegrass, boogie, reggae, surf, R'n'B, jazz, garage, flamenco, soul, mariachi, klezmer, punk… or, as our resident wax spinner Scratchy calls it, The Rock and The Roll of The World. One thing is certain, it's got a bite and an attitude and generally dresses well.

Packaged with a glossy 24 page full colour booklet, packed with pictures, stories and sleeve-notes from the album compilers dj Scratchy & Paul-Ronney Angel.

1. The Urban Voodoo Machine - Plenty More Room / 2. Nigel Burch And The Flea-Pit Orchestra - Pub With No Name / 3. Trans-Siberian March Band - Sota / 4. The Dead Brothers - Good Time Religion / 5. The Jim Jones Revue - Fish 2 Fry / 6. Little Victim - Iraq Blues / 7. Mama Rosin - The Story Of Mama Rosin / 8. Vic Ruggiero - Lonely Nights / 9. Walking Wounded - Home Sweet Hackney / 10. Los Plantronics - Bobby Peru / 11. Deptford Beach Babes - I Put A Spell On You / 12. The Mighty Stef - Romantic Ireland Is Dead And Gone / 13. Delaney Davidson feat. Fanfara Kalashnikov - I Slept Late / 14. The Fabulous Penetrators - She's A Sham / 15. Spider Stacy - Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down / 16. Gawkagogo feat. The Urban Voodoo Machine - Gawk-A-Gogo!