Transglobal Underground - Walls Have Ears Remix - CD

Transglobal Underground - Walls Have Ears Remix - CD

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Not so much a remix, more a way of life…..

'Walls Have Ears Remixes' completes a journey Transglobal Underground embarked on in 2018, taking the collective on a long strange route from the initial success of the crowdfunding campaign that launched the project, into some inspiring sessions in studios no longer running, through the pandemic and all the personal and musical chaos resulting, past success with the initial Bandcamp Fridays, then finally playing the album live 3 years after recording it to….this…..

During the four years since the album's release a whole lot of side-projects resulted. The biggest was a collection of extra mixes by Nick Page, aka Dub Colossus, who was involved in the making of the original album. Nick sadly passed away a year after, but left us with a whole body of extra work, along with Lil Obeah from Bucharest, who both Nick and TGU had been collaborating with at the time.

TGU's return to live shows took up a lot of time but they still found time to exchange mixes with Berlin based kindred spirit Genetic Drugs, whose starkly beautiful mix of 'Chant sans Adresse' sparked off an idea to put a whole album together as a reimagining of the original. Remixes by Andre Shapps (ex Big Audio Dynamite) and Yabass followed. TGU themselves added remixes inspired by what had already come in, in order to present a coherent whole, one mix of each track from the original release. The result is a new and unique journey, a winding path you can lose yourself in along the way.

Track listing:
1. Way Down The Kanawha River - Remix by Bobby Mozart / 2. Mind The Gap - Trance Global Excess Remix by Andre Shapps / 3. The People Carrier - Lockdown Remix by Dub Colossus / 4. Chant Sans Adresse - Blind Date Visions Remix by Genetic Drugs (Johannes Theurer-Flute & Bruno Di Martino-Kora) / 5. Bloodshot Eyes - Scientific Dub Remix by Lil Obeah and Marius Costache / 6. Future Ghost - Sa'idi Sitar Remix by Transglobal Underground / 7. Stand Up - Dervish Remix by Dub Colossus / 8. City In Peril - City Dub Remix by Yabass Yaba Radics / 9. Return Of The Green Spider - Professoring Dub Remix by Lil Obeah and Marius Costache / 10. Ruma Jhuma - D&B Mix by Dub Colossus / 11. Polo Neck - Bossa Mondo Remix by Transglobal Underground