Tony Williams Lifetime  - Berkeley 1979 - CD

Tony Williams Lifetime - Berkeley 1979 - CD

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This is the lost incarnation of Tony Williams Lifetime, formed to tour in support of his 1978 all-star release The Joy Of Flying. A band of young unknowns including guitarist Tod Carver and fretless bassist on-the-rise Bunny Brunel allow Williams' powerhouse grooves and solos to shine. The tunes here are from the LPs Ego (1971), Million Dollar Legs (1976) and The Joy of Flying (1978).

The concert was performed live at the Thirteenth Annual Berkeley Jazz Festival, University of California, Berkeley Campus, CA on the 25th of May, 1979 and broadcast by KFAT-FM. 

Tony Williams - drums; Tod Carver - guitar; Tom Grant - keys; Bruce Harris - keys; Bunny Brunel - bass.

Track listing:

1. Hittin' On Six / 2. Going Far / 3. Tony / 4. There Comes A Time/Unknown / 5. Million Dollar Legs