Toe To Toe (Aussie Hardcore) - Rise Up - CD

Toe To Toe (Aussie Hardcore) - Rise Up - CD

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Brand new album from this legendary Aussie Hardcore band.


Over nearly two decades the tale of Toe To Toe has been submerged in survival, struggle and conviction. Forming at a time when many felt real hardcore punk rock had had it’s day, the band rallied against every trend and reared up in the face of expectations to become Australia’s proudest exponents of a form of music and expression that remains well and truly on the outside.

Through multiple releases, hundreds of thousands of kilometres of travel both here and abroad, Toe To Toe has been driven by the passion and commitment of front man Scott Mac.

There have been many casualties along the way; friendships broken, loves lost but ultimately, hearts won.

Toe To Toe has a place at the top of Australian hardcore history. “At the end of the day, are we a hardcore band, or are we just Toe To Toe? I don’t need to get involved in anything else, this is our band, if you like it that’s great, but I am happy with where we sit in the history of Australian hardcore.”