The Urban Vodoo Machine - Snake Oil Engine - CD

The Urban Vodoo Machine - Snake Oil Engine - CD

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London’s The Urban Voodoo Machine present their 5th studio album ʻ$nake Oil Engineʼ, which features a diversity of 11 original songs. This also happens to coincide with the 50th birthday of singer/songwriter/bandleader Paul-Ronney Angel, who had this to say about the much-anticipated record: ‘The album was almost finished and ready for release when lockdown happened. The world came to a standstill and so did the group! We've spent the last year finishing it between gigs and the 2 singles that we released from it, ʻLiving In Fearʼ and ʻEmpty Plastic Cup,ʼ have already become firm live favorites. Really looking forward to finally unleashing this beast into the world!’

The Urban Voodoo Machine have once again teamed up with accomplished producer Alex McGowan at London's Space Eko Studio. Angel: 'It's really a case of, if it's not broke don't fix it! We have worked with Alex on all of our albums to date and he knows our sound and how we like it! In fact, he is a big part of our sound!'

The Urban Voodoo Machine's own brand of Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop'n'Stroll have swayed audiences all over the UK and Europe for 2 decades now and next year will be their 20th Anniversary. Their fanbase is constantly growing and extremely loyal. They have supported and toured with a variety of artists (many who have covered their songs) and have performed at most major festivals. In fact, they claim to be the only group in the world to have played both the historical Montreux Jazz Festival and metal meccafestival Download! If you have ever caught the group live in action, it's not likely you would have forgotten it – part circus, part theatre with a big dose of good old Rock n' Roll Show!

Track listing:
1. Little Jimmy & The Wrong Crowd / 2. Living In Fear / 3. Empty Plastic Cup / 4. Dropping Like Flies / 5. Hell's Caravan / 6. Gonna Riot Tonight / 7. January Blues / 8. Pill-Popping Cross Dressing Copper / 9. Johnny Foreigner / 10. Carry Your Weight / 11. Last Man Smoking