The Trojans - Top Hits - CD

The Trojans - Top Hits - CD

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Spanning four decades over 32 years, The Trojans have constantly evolved, re-inventing themselves through several incarnations while always remaining one happy family.
Formed By Gaz Mayall in the Autumn of 1986 after the demise of his first band, Gaz's Rebel Blues Rockers, The Trojans filled a gap on the ska scene of the time of the time with a sound that encompassed ska and reggae with a dash of soul, funk, R&B and world roots.
During the first few years they recorded several albums that were well received on the UK underground all on Gaz's own independent label Gaz's Rockin' Records. The first was 'Ala-Ska' which featured the classic single 'Gaelic Ska' and launched a whole new genre of Afro-Celtic fusion that has since become a hallmark of The Trojans' sound.
The 18 tracks included here cover the three main incarnations of The Trojans line-ups and features guest appearances from Prince Buster, Rico, Jennie Bellestar and Zoe Bevlin.

1. Ringo

2. Gaelic Ska

3. Lumpi

4. Stack-A-Lee (featuring Prince Buster)

5. Arna-Fari

6. Stop Breaking My Heart

7. Save The World

8. Skalalitude

9. Brother Can You Spare A Pound

10. Only You (featuring Rico)

11. Mixed Feelings (featuring Jennie Bellestar)

12. Great British Spliff

13. Can't Kill The Spirit

14. One World

15. Grim Reaper

16. Elephant Killers

17. Perfidia (featuring Zoe Devlin)

18. Aulde Lang Syne