The Rolling Stones - Hits Of The Sixties - Live - 180g Coloured Eco Vinyl LP

The Rolling Stones - Hits Of The Sixties - Live - 180g Coloured Eco Vinyl LP

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Hits Of The Sixties charts the rise of five young men who helped to change the world with three simple ingredients; blues, R&B and two brilliant songwriters. The journey to worldwide stardom would be littered with drugs, death and a succession of iconic hits that continue to influence and entertain. Hearing the Stones' hits performed live on stage during that halcyon period offers a remarkable opportunity to experience these landmark songs from a different, yet undiminished perspective. Unique arrangements and ad lib contributions add to the signature hooks and massive riffs that still captivate and make the Rolling Stones the biggest rockers on the planet!

Get Yer Vinyl Out invites you down to the front, to witness the Rolling Stones, live on stage in the 1960s. Turn on, turn it up and get down to the sound of Jagger, Richards, Jones, Wyman and Watts in a stunning collection of their early hits.

Recordings from BBC radio, UK 1963 – 1965, ‘Musicorama’ Europe 1 radio, France 1965 and 1967, Hawai’i International Center, Honolulu, Hawaii 28th July 1966 (KPOI-FM) and Sports Arena, San Diego, CA 10th November 1969 (KSAN-FM).

Pressed on 180g Coloured Eco vinyl (each record unique) and presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Side 1: 1. Not Fade Away / 2. Come On / 3. It's All Over Now / 4. Time Is On My Side / 5. The Last Time / 6. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ('Yeh Yeh!') / 7. Under My Thumb / 8. Let's Spend The Night Together / 9. Get Off My Cloud.

Side 2: 1. 19th Nervous Breakdown / 2. Paint It Black / 3. Ruby Tuesday / 4. Jumpin' Jack Flash / 5. Sympathy For The Devil / 6. Honky Tonk Women / 7. Gimme Shelter