The Flock - Live 1969-1970 - CD

The Flock - Live 1969-1970 - CD

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The Flock Live 1969-70

Denver Pop Festival Mile High Stadium, Denver, Colorado June 27th 1969 KEZY-FM
1. Store Bought, Store Thought
2. Clown
3. Truth
4. Guitar Solo > More Truth

Warehouse, New Orleans, LA January 31st 1970 National Public Radio
5. What The Flock
6. Clown
7. Store Bought, Store Thought
8. Truth

Fred Glickstein – guitar, lead vocals
Jerry Goodman – violin
Jerry Smith – bass
Ron Karpman – drums
Rick Canoff – tenor saxophone
Tom (T.S. Henry) Webb – tenor saxophone
Frank Posa – trumpet

Heavily influenced by Miles Davis’s contemporaneous experiments into fusion, The Flock were swiftly hailed as one of the world’s most exciting new bands in 1969. Boasting the frenetic violin of Jerry Goodman – later to find fame with John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra – as well as guitar and horns, they were championed by John Mayall and became a hit on the concert circuit in the US and Europe during their brief career. This set gathers two live performances that find them at the peak of their powers, and comes with background notes and images.