The Brecker Brothers - Live In Cleveland 1977 - CD

The Brecker Brothers - Live In Cleveland 1977 - CD

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The Brecker Brothers,  Cleveland 1977 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, OH, 1977                          Recorded by WMMS-FM for The New World Of Jazz radio show.

With two Brecker Brothers albums under their belt Randy and little brother Mike were hitting their stride in 1977. In demand as jazz soloists and worked off their feet as the horn section on the burgeoning session scene, The Brecker Brothers band was their showcase and their recreation. With six albums for Arista records between 1975 and 1981, they had managed reasonable sales and even a couple of minor hits, but live performance was the optimal way to experience them.  The band here are all heavy-rollers and core members of the close knit community of versatile jazz / rockers that shuttled between LA and NYC. Guitarist Steve Khan is on particularly fine form. 

Randy Brecker – trumpet / Michael Brecker - tenor and soprano saxophones / Steve Khan – guitar / Don Grolnick – keyboard / Will Lee – bass / Chris Parker - drums


Intro / 2. Slick Stuff (Brecker Bump) / 3. Jungle Walk / 4. Sneakin’ Up / Some Skunk Funk / 5. Now Hear This / 6. Night Flight / 7. If You Wanna Boogie … Forget It / 8. Sneakin’ Up Behind You