The Beatles - Tokyo - CD+DVD+Booklet

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In stock now. This fabulous Beatles set capturing the band live in Tokyo in 1966.

Packaged as a 36 page hardback book containing liner notes and archival imagery.

Each copy is hand numbered

Includes exclusive DVD with interviews

Features the Beatles, live in Tokyo at the Nippon Budokan, two nights in 1966 Includes the entire NTV Channel Four broadcast 

90pp hand-numbered hardback book with background notes and archival imagery

Includes replica concert ticket an exclusive DVD (NTSC region) containing live footage and interviews

Professionally re-mastered with background liners and many rare and unseen photographs.

Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 30th June 1966 NTV Channel Four

Disc One: 1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Music 2. She’s A Woman 3. If I Needed Someone 4. Day Tripper 5. Baby’s In Black 6. I Feel Fine 7. Yesterday 8. I Wanna Be Your Man 9. Nowhere Man 10. Paperback Writer 11. I’m Down

Disc Two Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 1st July 1966 NTV Channel Four

1. Introduction 2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Music 3. She’s A Woman 4. If I Needed Someone 5. Day Tripper 6. Baby’s In Black 7. I Feel Fine 8. Yesterday 9. I Wanna Be Your Man 10. Nowhere Man 11. Paperback Writer 12. I’m Down