The Beatles Title: Das Sind Die Beatles... Munchen 1966 - Music Cassette - Released

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The Beatles' performance at the Circus-Krone-Bau, Munich on the 24th June 1966, broadcast on German TV station network Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, was one of their last live performances as the band had decided to stop touring and to turn their attention to recording in the studio, a decision which was to lead to the release of Sergeant Pepper the following year. 

A limited edition Solid Orange cassette with machine numbered 12-page J Card. Includes background liner notes and archival imagery.

Track listing:

Side One: 1. Introduction by Charly Hickman (1:23) / 2. Rock And Roll Music (1:33) / 3. Baby's In Black (2:36) / 4. I Feel Fine (2:28). Side Two: 1. Yesterday (2:40) / 2. Nowhere Man (2:44) / 3. I'm Down (1:55) / 4. George Harrison speaking German (0:51) / 4. Beatles interview, Germany 1966 (1:01)