Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits Collection - 180gm Vinyl LP

Roy Orbison - Greatest Hits Collection - 180gm Vinyl LP

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Roy Orbison, also known as the 'Big O', was born on the 23rd of April 1936 in Vernon, Texas to oil driller Orbie Lee Orbison and nurse Nadine Shults. From an early age he wanted to be a singer. When Roy was a teenager he made the decision to drop out of school to join 'The Teen Kings' who had a hit with 'Ooby Dooby.' This brought Roy and the group to the attention of Elvis Presley. Roy befriended Elvis and at just twenty years old signed to Sun Records, who also signed Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.

In October 1963 Roy decided to get in touch with his Irish side and played a series of concerts in Norther Ireland. Roy traced back to his ancestral home in Lurgan, Co. Antrim from where his earliest known relative Thomas Orbison emigrated to Pennsylvania in the mid-18th Century. Roy performed at the Top Hat in Lisburn and played a concert at the Limavady Agricultural Hall.

Roy also performed across the border in Lifford, Limerick and Dublin. As well as performing in Ireland he was also fond of Irish stew and wheaten bread, saying at the time 'Irish food is the best I've eaten since I left America.'

Roy returned to Ireland in the Summer of 1965 for another two-week tour. He travelled extensively, finishing in Castlebar. After his last gig Roy was even considering buying a stud farm. He came back to tour Ireland four more times with one of his visits being cut short by the sad news of the death of two of his children. When in Ireland Roy accompanied Dana on stage in Derry (not long after Dana won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1970).

Roy had it all, from performing in small tents in Fermanagh to being called out by Elvis as 'The greatest singer on earth' in Caesars Palace in Vegas in 1976. The Big O's hectic touring lifestyle resulted in triple bypass surgery in 1978. He went on to live another 10 years and continued performing but died of a heart attack on 6th December 1988.

Platinum Music Ireland proudly presents eighteen timeless, classic tracks, pressed on heavyweight 180g vinyl.

Track listing:

Side A: 1. Only The Lonely / 2. I Can't Stop Loving / 3. Blue Angel / 4. Here Comes That Song Again / 5. Bye Bye Love / 6. Crying / 7. I'm Hurtin' / 8. I'll Never Tell / 9. Uptown. Side B: 1. Love Hurts / 2. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Own Time / 3. Problem Child / 4. Cry / 5. Ooby Dooby / 6. Blue Avenue / 7. Today's Teardrops / 8. Candy Man / 9. Running Scared