Pearl Jam - Marquee Room - New York 1991 - CD

Pearl Jam - Marquee Room - New York 1991 - CD

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Released on August 27th, 1991, 'Ten' initially sold slowly upon its release, until almost a year later when the album finally broke into the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 album chart in May 1992, reaching number 8, peaking eventually at number 2. By February 1993, American sales of 'Ten' had equaled those of 'Nevermind', a decisive result for a band that came together in the wake of such personal turmoil. That success was built upon their numerous appearances across America in 1991 when the band took 'Ten' out on the road and started to establish its influence and lasting legacy. Musically powerful and arresting, Pearl Jam's core ingredients of brutal torment and firepower culminate in a set that seethes with adrenalin and determination that marked the band’s first ever concert in New York.

Timeline presents Pearl Jam's definitive debut, performed live from the Marquee Room, New York on 13th July 1991, only a year into their career as Seattle's new gods of grunge.

Fully restored and professionally remastered WSOU-FM broadcast.
Presented with background notes and photos.

Track listing:
1. Wash / 2. Once / 3. Even Flow / 4. State Of Love And Trust / 5. Alive / 6. Garden / 7. Deep / 8. Why Go / 9. Porch