Ornette Coleman Trio - Live 1965/66 - CD

Ornette Coleman Trio - Live 1965/66 - CD

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Ornette Coleman Trio - Performed in Berlin, Bremen and San Remo, 1965 & 1966.

Performed on the same tour as his iconic Live at the Golden Circle dates, the music here features Ornette’s second great ensemble, his trio with drummer Charles Moffett and bassist David Izenzon. The absence of Don Cherry’s trumpet gives Coleman more room to explore his unique “harmelodic” approach and the rhythm section and soloist are as one throughout. Ornette’s audacious experiments with trumpet and violin with this trio established him as one of improvised music’s great searchers. As Ornette put it: “The violin, the saxophone, the trumpet: Each makes a very different sound but the very same notes. That's pretty heavy, you know? “

Ornette Coleman - alto sax, violin & trumpet, David Izenzon – bass, Charles Moffett – drums,  

Berlin Jazz Festival, Berlin, Germany October 30th 1965 : 1.Intro / Sadness / 2.Falling Stars

Bremen, Germany, December 3rd 1965 Radio Bremen / 3. Lonely Woman

San Remo Jazz Festival, San Remo Casino, Italy March 27th 1966 Radio Italia 4. Atavism / 5. Snowflakes And Sunshine