Nirvana - Live...1991 - Pat O'Brien Pavillion, Del Mar, CA - Music Cassette

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The visceral power of one of the most iconic bands in rock and roll first emerged in Aberdeen, WA, in the mid-80s. In amongst the now revered and widely recognised band scene in Seattle, Nirvana stood out clearly with Geffen watching closely. Their post-Sub-Pop period signalled the arrival of Dave Grohl, whose impact on their sound here is brutally apparent. Their performance on a triple-bill at Del Mar Fairgrounds in the Pat O’Brien Pavilion, San Diego, CA on 28th December 1991, for broadcast on Syndicated FM radio, finds Nirvana promoting their recently released Nevermind album, as guests of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Aside from being from their best period, this performance is the ultimate in ‘classic’ Nirvana.

This digitally remastered show is presented on a special Yellow cassette tape with machine numbered 12-page J card featuring liner notes and archival imagery.

Side One: 1. Intro (0:56) / 2. Drain You (3:35) / 3. Aneurysm (4:27) / 4. School (2:36) / 5. Floyd The Barber (2:28) / 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit (4:59) / 7. About A Girl (2:54). Side Two: 1. Polly (2:52) / 2. Sliver (2:01) / 3. Breed (3:16) / 4. Come As You Are (3:35) / 5. Lithium (4:44) / 6. Territorial Pissings (4:21)