Nirvana - Greatest Hits Live - 180g Black Vinyl LP

Nirvana - Greatest Hits Live - 180g Black Vinyl LP

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Capturing the live, primeval rage, ferocity and attitude of Seattle's ground-breaking grunge heroes, as Nirvana went from underground to mainstream in 1991 and kept the world awake with a teenage anthem that rocked a generation. Born out of boredom, rebellion and hardcore punk, and armed with the best drummer this side of the (Keith) moon, the uncompromising powerhouse trio waged war on 80s metal, boy bands and anyone who wasn't listening, with an axe grinding mission to tear everything apart including themselves. It was the sound of a new rebellion for a new decade and through the chaos, Kurt Cobain's songs symbolised the frustration and anger of a generation. In the process, those songs became rock 'n' roll classics. Smells like teen spirit, sounds like Nirvana.

Get Yer Vinyl Out invites you into the mosh pit for a white-knuckle ride through Nirvana's greatest hits. Perfectly remastered original FM/TV broadcasts with background liners and timeline photos, pressed on 180g vinyl and presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Recordings are from Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA, 31st October 1991 (KNOD-FM) / Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar Fairgrounds, San Diego, CA, 28th December 1991 (Syndicated radio) / Hollywood Rock Festival, Praça Da Apoteose, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 23rd January 1993 (MTV Brazil)

Track listing:

Side 1: 1. Smells Like Teen Spirit / 2. Love Buzz / 3. Sliver / 4. Come As You Are / 5. Been A Son / 6. Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam / 7. In Bloom.

Side 2: 1. Heart Shaped Box  / 2. About A Girl / 3. Floyd The Barber / 4. Rape Me / 5. Polly / 6. Blew / 7. Lithium