Newtown Neurotics - Cognitive Dissidents - CD / Orange Vinyl LP Formats

Newtown Neurotics - Cognitive Dissidents - CD / Orange Vinyl LP Formats

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In a world full of charlatans, honesty and compassion have great value, and so it is clear that the Newtown Neurotics with their new album ‘Cognitive Dissidents’, have that in spades.

Authenticity is a much sought-out ingredient in music, and can only be claimed by a band with a reputation and track record that evokes trust which their fan base returns with fervent loyalty.
The band has over the years, released five albums and eight singles (which includes the eerily predictive ‘When The Oil Runs Out’ and the majestic ‘Mindless Violence’).
Written and recorded by the band along with the rest of the album whilst in lockdown, during which the world tottered and swayed from the moorings that had previously anchored our lives, and Coronavirus struck down our loved ones threatening us all, music became, as it always had been, one of the most important things to sustain us through our troubled times.
Always uplifting, never downtrodden, this is punk rock at its finest; this is the Newtown Neurotics music at its finest. In its form and content, it destroys complacency and dogma with reason and logic, and contains melodies that stir the head, the heart, and the soul.

“The Newtown Neurotics are of one of the great British power trios along with Motorhead, The Jam, Cream, Manic Street Preachers and Stereophonics.” Published by Q magazine

(Steve Drewett- guitar and vocals, Adam Smith – Bass and b/vocals, Simon Lomond - Drums and b/vocals.

Orange Vinyl LP Limited to 1000 copies

1. Climate Emergency / 2. Liar Liar / 3. Take Your Dirty hands Off My Town /  4. Hope / 5. Dumb / 6. To Hell In A Handcart / 7. Stand With You / 8. I Get On Your Nerves