Mystery Action - Tales From The Darkside -  CD

Mystery Action - Tales From The Darkside - CD

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Mystery Action emerge from a forgotten time, when Rock n Roll was raw, dirty.. and stripped to the bone. Not for the purists, or the faint hearted.....Mystery Action fuse elements of Surf, Garage, Rockabilly, Spaghetti Western Themes and Swamp Blues, and bastardise them into a truly transfixing mayhem.
The Souls of Mystery Action have transcended mortality and oblivion and exist only in a form unexplained. Baron De Mayhemme will steal your soul with his spellbinding serenades. Kid Bongo and Steve Sma5h will mutilate your eardums with a hypnotising rhythm which will leave you powerless to resist. Liz Cruella will further pound your mind into submission with no nonsense heavy deep beats. Finally, as if any further persuasion was needed Miss Terri Action, 'Link Cyclone and Mr Wray Action will entrap your consciousness with swirling melodies and ear splitting fuzz...capable of inducing trance like states and levels of joy, fear and awareness, never previously known possible on earth.
Please listen with caution.