Mountain - Fillmore East, New York 1970 - CD2

Mountain - Fillmore East, New York 1970 - CD2

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Fillmore East, New York, NY December 31st 1970 WNEW-FM

“He had guns, a substance abuse problem and serious emotional problems. When you’ve got that combination, something is going to happen”.

There was always so much more to Mountain’s output than those ‘hits’, largely due to the inspired contrasting of guitarist Leslie West, with his bellowing voice, with the much more smoothly melodic vocals of bassist Felix Pappalardi. They tended to sing their own compositions in the main, the contrast both of singing and writing styles giving them similarities to the Lennon/McCartney dynamic, and it was this juxtaposition of the two which made Mountain’s all too brief early '70s peak so exciting. Equally compelling are their live performances from this era recorded for FM broadcast. These unique recordings capture the electrifying sense of power that this band could deploy on stage. Although they never achieved their deserved wider acclaim, Mountain’s criminally short career would become hugely iconic and influential for any serious rock musician.

Timeline revisits this incredible, classic performance from their New Year’s Eve show in 1970 with a fully restored and professionally remastered original WNEW-FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and timeline photos.

Disc 1 1 Never In My Life / 2 Don't Look Around / 3 Mississippi Queen / 4 Baby, I'm Down / 5 Long Red / 6 Silver Paper / 7 Guitar Solo /
Disc 2 1 The Animal Trainer And The Toad / 2 Nantucket Sleighride / 3 For Yasgur's Farm / 4 Travellin' In The Dark / 5 Blood Of The Sun / 6 Dreams of Milk and Honey / Solos / Reprise / 7 Auld Lang Syne