Miles Davis Quintet - Live At Ronnie Scott's - CD

Miles Davis Quintet - Live At Ronnie Scott's - CD

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'After we finished In A Silent Way, I took the band out on the road, Wayne, Dave, Chick and Jack DeJohnette were now my working band. Man I wish this band had been recorded live because it was really a bad motherfucker.” - Miles Davis.

In terms of official recordings this group is, as Miles Davis himself lamented, the lost quintet. However, thanks to broadcast tapes the challenge that Chick Corea, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette set for Miles and Wayne Shorter is here for us to enjoy. At the time of this 1969 gig at London's Ronnie Scott's club, Miles' most recent release was the innovative but subdued In A Silent Way. Those who arrived at the venue hoping for the delicate beauty of that LP were in for a rude awakening. The far more challenging Bitches Bew sessions had just been recorded (not to be released until March 1970) and the pared-down group who had crossed the Atlantic were very much in a Bitches Brew frame of mind.

Wayne Shorter later famously claimed that Miles was 'doing rock the be-bop way' but this was an exploratory phase for Miles' electronic music and the results lay waste to any claims that he was smoothing things out to attract a larger audience.

Performed live at Ronnie Scott’s Club, London, November 2nd 1969 for broadcast on BBC TV.

Miles Davis - trumpet; Wayne Shorter - tenor & soprano sax; Chick Corea - electric piano; Dave Holland - bass; Jack De Johnette - drums