Miles Davis - Live Under The Sky '87 - 180g Black Vinyl 2LP

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At the time of this performance Miles Davis was on his final lap but he was still utterly unique. Stalking the stage in futuristic Issey Miyake couture, his red lacquered trumpet poised for action. Kenny Garrett's searing alto sax and Foley's 'lead bass' share solo duties but the rhythm section take the honours here. Miles was renowned for his determination to keep moving forwards and in this band Ricky 'Sugarfoot' Wellman's go-go beat and Darryl 'The Munch' Jones' high energy playing drive the music forwards relentlessly. No other band has ever sounded like this. In1987 Miles was still playing funk and rock the be-bop way.

Performed on 25th July, 1987 at Yomiuri Land Open Theatre East, Tokyo, Japan and broadcast by NHK-FM. A 2LP set pressed on 180g Black Vinyl and presented in a gatefold sleeve sealed with Japanese obi strip. With extensive liner notes and archival photos.

Miles Davis - trumpet, keyboards; Kenny Garrett - alto saxophone, flute;
Foley (Joseph McCreary, Jr.) - lead bass; Adam Holzman - keyboards;
Robert Irving III - keyboards; Darryl Jones - bass; Ricky Wellman - drums; Mino Cinelu - percussion

Track listing:
Side 1: 1. One Phone Call/Street Scenes / 2. Human Nature. Side 2: 1. Wrinkle / 2. The Senate. Side 3: 1. Me And U / 2. Tutu. Side 4: 1. Splatch / 2. Time After Time