Mahavishnu Orchestra - Avery Fisher Hall, New York 1983 - 2CD

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Avery Fisher Hall, New York 1983 - 2CD

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In the early 70s it was undeniable that John McLaughlin could play faster, louder and with more invention than almost any other guitarist on the planet. Some took it well (see Jimmy Page) others made snide comments about his ability to play the guitar like a machine gun (we're looking at you Zappa!). Whatever else he thought though, Zappa was impressed and inspired by the complexity of McLaughlin's music and the musicianship on show. The Mahavishnu Orchestra were virtuosi to a man; jazz minds with rock power and stamina.

With the rise of rock and singer/songwriters, Columbia had expected the Mahavishnu Orchestra to bomb. Then something unexpected happened, the young audiences quickly demonstrated that the record companies had underestimated them. The enthusiasm that the group generated was unprecedented and for the next two years they could have played to capacity audiences every single night. In the end the original line-up managed around 500 gigs before personal tensions and disputes over musical direction broke them apart.

The performance captured here at Avery Fisher Hall, New York City on December 27, 1973, broadcast by WNEW-FM was one of their last appearances.

John McLaughlin - guitar; Rick Laird - bass; Billy Cobham - drums; Jerry Goodman - violin; Jan Hammer - keyboards.