Loreena McKennitt - The Book Of Secrets - Yellow Vinyl LP / LP5 Boxset / CD / CD+DVD Formats

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Loreena McKennitt's own Quinlan Road record label presents her legendary album The Book Of Secrets as a very Limited Edition coloured vinyl release.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig and re-mastered for vinyl by Jeff Wolpert, this reissue was been pressed on transparent yellow 140g vinyl at Record Industry in the Netherlands and comes complete with a lavishly printed 12" x 12" insert containing the original artwork and credits.

Loreena's fifth studio album, The Book Of Secrets was a worldwide chart success on its release in 1997, selling over four million copies, and it features a supporting cast of two dozen musical collaborators as the eight songs lead the listener on a range of unexpected journeys of discovery.

Follow the music from ancient Byzantium to a puppet-maker's theatre in Sicily, or from the rocky island of Skellig Michael, once inhabited by Irish monks in the Dark Ages, to Venice and the expeditions of Marco Polo, or from the tragic narrative of 'The Highwayman' to the thunder of hooves across the Caucasus and the echoes of the poetry of Dante discovered during a train trip across Siberia.

The Book Of Secrets includes many highlights of Loreena's captivating concert performances as well as the original full length mix of international hit single 'The Mummers' Dance'.

Tracklisting: Side One: 1. Prologue / 2. The Mummers' Dance / 3. Skellig / 4. Marco Polo. Side Two: 1. The Highwayman / 2. La Serenissima / 3.Night Ride Across The Caucasus / 4. Dante's Prayer