Kyla Brox - Throw Away The Blues - CD

Kyla Brox - Throw Away The Blues - CD

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There is no more authentic blues and soul singer than Kyla Brox. That's blues and soul, because the two forms are indistinguishable in her hands. Kyla's raw talent and purity of expression come as a welcome find in the age of the plastic diva and conveyor-belt poppet.

Kyla and her music/life partner Danny Blomeley first worked together in the child slavery band of Kyla's legendary father, blues singer Victor Brox. Kyla was a mature 13 and Danny was, well, 13. The epochal Australian tour by the Victor Brox Blues Train in 2000 – essentially a trawl of old mining towns in the outback of Australia – formed the backdrop to Danny and Kyla s romance.

Throw Away Your Blues, their sixth studio album and first in seven years, teaches important lessons about the demands of the busy workday, the lack of time in the modern world, the pull of home vs the call of the road, and how to keep it real with good humour and lots of heart. With all the songs generated by Brox, Blomeley and guitarist Paul Farr, Throw Away Your Blues is warm, soul-stirring and life-affirming. Kyla Brox is a temptress, diva, tear provoker and indisputably the most consummate blues singer of her generation.

1. If You See Him / 2. Lifting The Blues / 3. Beautiful Day / 4. When We're Alone / 5. Choose Me / 6. Road Home / 7. Run Our Home / 8. Ain't Got Time / 9. Change Your Mind / 10. Song For The Lonely / 11. Lovin' Your Love / 12. Honestly Blues / 13. 365 / 14. I Will Love You More