Killing Joke - In Dub Rewind (Vol 2) - CD & 2LP Formats

Killing Joke - In Dub Rewind (Vol 2) - CD & 2LP Formats

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From their earliest days on the streets of Ladbroke Grove in London, Killing Joke were heavily influenced by the heavy sounds and rhythms of the Dub scene. This 10 track second volume features killer Dub versions and mixes of some of the band's most famous tracks.

CD Jewelcase with Card Slipcase

2LP Neon Yellow Vinyl - Limited to 1500 numbered copies.

Artwork by long time Killing Joke artist/collaborator Mike Coles

1. Autonomous Zone (Youth 'Berlin Hacker Dub') / 2. Change (Youth 'Close To The Edge' Dub) / 3. Bloodsport (Rinoserous vs Youth Dub) / 4. Pssyche (You're Alone In The Pack Kings Road Dub) / 5. Delete (Youth Annihilator Dub) /6. I Am The Virus (Apocalyptic Meltdown Dub Youth Remix) / 7. The Death & Resurrection Show (Aggressive Attitude Dub) / 8. Panopticon (The Lamb Of The Perverse Dub) / 9. The Death & Resurrection Show (Cup & Sword Ambient Dub) / 10. Pssyche (Acid Reflex Dub)