Jan James - Justify - CD

Jan James - Justify - CD

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Raised in central Michigan, Jan’s talent was obvious early on. 'The more I played guitar and the more I tried out the voice I learned to use in the church choir,' says Jan, 'the more I liked it.'  And so… did everyone else.  Jan met her partner, songwriter/guitarist Craig Calvert, while they were both attending Michigan State University. When she needed to replace her guitar player, the timing was right. They developed a musical chemistry that has evolved into a big sound and feel that is coloured with blues, soul and the raw dynamics of the best rock-n-roll.

Voices of the caliber of Jan James’ are rare in today’s pop music.  Her upbeat rock/blues is exceptionally radio-friendly and very stylishly executed. Jan has shared stages with luminaries such as Koko Taylor, John Mayall, Little Feat, James Brown and B.B. King.

Jan’s first release, a powerhouse album called 'Last Train', was picked up by the giants of Blues Rock and home of Joe Bonammasa, Provogue Records. More critically acclaimed albums followed: 'Soul Desire,' 'The Color Of Rose' 'Limousine Blues', 'Drive Me Home', 'Ring Around the Moon', 'Calling All Saints' and now for 2020, Jan’s latest album 'Justify'. Released on her own Blue Palace label, It’s a pure and commanding showcase of her talent from start to finish.


1. I'm Always Coming Back / 2. Justify / 3. Good Man Down / 4. Try / 5. Believe In Me / 6. Lucky U R / 7. A Different Life / 8. Never In The Game / 9. Anything You Want / 10. Honky Tonk Woman / 11. Where You Gonna Run To / 12. Dangerous Decision