Ian Siegal - One Night In Amsterdam - CD/2LP

Ian Siegal - One Night In Amsterdam - CD/2LP

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This is multiple award-winner Ian Siegal’s first full-band live album, so chalk up another first for the man that Mojo called: "One of the most innovative, gifted and engaging blues performers on the planet today".

One Night in Amsterdam is the sound of chemistry, as Siegal steers his group of talented young musicians around a set of his finest originals and challenges them with four songs that they had never previously performed. The adrenaline is palpable and the recording perfectly captures the super-charged atmosphere.

One night. A thousand highlights. And yet another reason why Ian Siegal is leading the musical pack in the post-millennium.

Side A: 1. I Am The Train / 2. Brandy Balloon / 3. Kingdom Come. Side B: 1. Writing On The Wall / 2. Temporary. Side C: 1. Early Grace / 2. Gallo Del Cielo. Side D: 1. Queen Of The Junior Prom / 2. Love Hurts / 3. Please Don't Fail Me