Horace Silver With The Brecker Brother Boston 1973 - CD

Horace Silver With The Brecker Brother Boston 1973 - CD

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Described once as 'Ray Charles meets be-bop meets latin', Horace Silver has a unique piano style instantly recognisable and totally compelling. This fiery and funky set by a later version of his quintet features Randy and Michael Brecker, several years before they adopted the Brecker Brothers moniker. Playing with a legendary bandleader who recognises their rare abilities both men get to stretch out and deliver lengthy, inventive solos. The rhythm section is completed by the electric bass of Will Lee and the often ferocious drumming of Alvin Queen.

Performed at The Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA, March 27, 1973 and broadcast by WBCN-FM, fully remastered and presented with background liners and photos.

Horace Silver - piano; Michael Brecker - tenor sax; Randy Brecker - trumpet; Will Lee - electric bass; Alvin Queen - drums

Track listing: 1.Liberated Brother / 2. In Pursuit Of The 27th Man / 3. Big Business