Globus + A.D.A.M. - Unforgiven - CD

Globus + A.D.A.M. - Unforgiven - CD

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A.D.A.M., the partnership of singer TD Lind and songwriter Danny McGaw, and Globus, the musical identity of award-winning composer/arranger/producer Yoav Goren, architect of the band’s epic music style, launch the “Unforgiven” album and multi-media project.

The project is a stunning western narrative with a widescreen musical treatment themed around a modern outlaw charachter. Throughout the album, songs such as “Ordinary Man” and “The Devil Is Me” depict the human condition of our times: the forgotten and nameless man struggling for identity and meaning in this world. Battling his demons, but with delusions of grandeur, he secretly lusts for power, to turn the tables and lord over his oppressors.

The entire album was conceived by McGaw first as a story, then a collection of hard-hitting, emotionally wrenching songs wtih Lind’s impactful vocal performances and Goren’s rich, sweeping production . The material — recorded in McGaw’s home studio in Ojai, California, and Goren’s studio in Santa Monica — is a conceptual narrative that follows its anti-hero, also known as A.D.A.M., as he claws his way toward love and redemption. The cinematic aspect of Unforgiven — which Goren compares to such recent modern western features as “No Country for Old Men” and “Hell and High Water” 
is evident in the striking first music video for the album, “Ordinary Man.” Two additional singles with accompanying videos, a deluxe vinyl release, as well as a stunningly dramatic 20 minute music film featuring the unforgiven character as performed by vocalist TD Lind in the starring role will follow .

Since their 2006 debut album “Epicon” (top 20 UK album pop charts, #12 Billboard singles), Globus have been blending original cinematic and trailer scores with melodic alternative rock and world music song stylings. With “Unforgiven”, Globus delve into an exciting western rock genre which is intrinsically cinematic. Globus was formed by award-winning composer Yoav Goren, best known for penning and producing the explosive trailer music for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters of all time: Avatar, Lord Of The Rings, Spiderman, The Pirates Of The Caribbean, and the Harry Potter series, among many others. Having produced, scored, and licensed music for thousands of film trailers and TV spots, in 2009 Yoav Goren became the first person ever to perform a concert of ‘epic music’, as part of his “Trailer Music Live” orchestral performance series. Goren’s multi-decade work on NBC’s Olympic Games broadcasts has garnered him an Emmy Award for “Outstanding
Music Composition in a Sports Program.” He is also the recpient of several PMA Mark Awards, a BMI award, and Music & Media awards

1. Ordinary Man / 2. On The Run / 3. Upside Down / 4. The Devil Is Me / 5. Stranger / 6. Put You Down / 7. Sick In The Head / 8. Bad Man / 9. We Had Everything / 10. Love Me True / 11. Redemption (down the line...)