Gentle Giant - Octopus - CD / CD+BluRay / LP

Gentle Giant - Octopus - CD / CD+BluRay / LP

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To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of its landmark progressive rock album The Power & The Glory, the members of Gentle Giant have worked together again to release an expansive version of the iconic musical work, joining forces with producer and Porcupine Tree mastermind Steven Wilson to present superb remix/remastered versions plus instrumental versions and bonus tracks.

"I am very grateful that the music we produced still has some meaning for fans of our music 40 years after we composed and recorded it," says Derek Shulman, singer and instrumentalist with the band from its inception until the end. Fans of the iconic British band are already excited to hear the new mix of the legendary album, with Wilson presenting the recording with a sharper, brighter sound. Says brother Ray Shulman: "I like the way he pays respect to the past but, using today's technology, probably gets closer to the intended result. His 5.1 mix really shows off some of the more intricate arrangements." Adds guitarist Gary Green: "He elected to give the instruments their own space, and consequently it sounds nice and airy."

It was Ray, who has worked for the last 30 years in video production, who came up with the stunning visual collection to accompany the songs on the record. The unique video images make up the blu-ray disc, and are intended to be viewed while the 5.1 surround sound mix is playing. Says Kerry Minnear, who played keyboards and other instruments with the band: "The visuals build and climaxes; solos and sadness are all enhanced in a really thoughtful way. I'm grateful for the time he's put in to create things and then get them timed right so that the audio and the visual impact together."

Written by the band as a "concept album of sorts," the 1974 release (originally issued on Capitol/ EMI) shows the impact of when individuals gain power and how that power, ultimately, corrupts them. The expanded version of The Power And The Glory has been designed to give the Gentle Giant fan a whole new listening and viewing experience for the music that has become so near and dear to their hearts. "It is great to see the reissue," says drummer John Weathers. "As far as I am personally concerned it was one of the best Giant albums. The subject matter and the fact that it had a definite thread running all the way through it gave us something cohesive to work with in that it tells a story albeit a sad but very recognizable one."

Available as a CD and CD+BluRay

A CD+BLU RAY digipak release with the new Steven Wilson mix in DTS 5.1 Master Audio and 96/24 Stereo plus the original 1974 mix in 96/24 stereo.

Also includes videos by Ray Shulman to accompany each 5.1 track, instrumental versions plus bonus tracks.