Freddie Hubbard - Live Under The Sky Tokyo 1982 - CD

Freddie Hubbard - Live Under The Sky Tokyo 1982 - CD

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Freddie Hubbard was the most technically gifted player of his generation and in 1982 was still at the top of his game. Joe Henderson, diminutive in stature, was nonetheless a tenor sax giant. Ron Carter and Tony Williams had taken the rhythm section to new levels of sophistication with Miles Davis in the sixties and Kenny Barron’s virtuosic technique and ability to swing had made him the pianist of choice for dozens of jazz greats. These men had been performing with each other regularly, in a variety of settings, for two decades. Each was a virtuoso soloist and master accompanist. They called themselves The Super-Star Jazz Quintet without fear of contradiction. Performed at Live Under The Sky in July and August 1982, at the Den-en Coliseum and Yomiuriland in Tokyo for broadcast by NHK radio.

Fully remastered with background notes and archival images.

Freddie Hubbard - trumpet; Joe Henderson - tenor sax; Kenny Barron - piano; Ron Carter - bass; Tony Williams - drums

Track listing: 1. Intro/Clear Way / 2. A Quick Sketch / 3. Recorda Me / 4. You Don't Know What Love Is / 5. Spiral / 6. Cheryl / 7. Bird