Fleetwood Mac - Legendary Hits Live - 180g LP

Fleetwood Mac - Legendary Hits Live - 180g LP

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The worldwide success of Rumours in 1977 belied the turmoil behind one of the greatest rock groups that Britain ever produced. Incredibly, Fleetwood Mac were still intact by the time that Rumours sold 10 million copies upon release, but the bitter cocktail of drug abuse, fragmenting relationships and changing line-ups had already been responsible for an incredible run of iconic hits from 1969, with Oh Well and Albatross being just two of them.

This prized collection of live performances is testament to the band's consummate musicianship in the wake of its turbulent relationships - indeed, they combined beautifully and painfully to produce not only a legacy in rock music, but since their inception in 1967, provided a sea change in rock music that has rarely been repeated.

Get Yer Vinyl Out invites you down to the front to witness Fleetwood Mac, live on stage, performing some of their most legendary hits through the decades. Presenting an incredible selection of superb, professionally remastered original broadcasts with background liners and timeline photos.

Recordings taken from Kultuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland September 24th 1969 (Finnish radio), Cue Club, Gothenburg, Sweden November 2nd 1969 (Sveriges radio), Capitol Theatre, New Jersey October 17th 1975 (King Biscuit Flower Hour), Record Plant, San Francisco, CA December 15th 1974 (KSAN-FM) and LSU Tiger Stadium, Baton Rouge, LA August 30th 1978 (WLBP-FM)

A 180g Eco mixed vinyl release, each disc pressed with randomly mixed colour compound, presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve.

Track listing:
Side A: 1. Oh Well / 2. Black Magic Woman / 3. Shake Your Moneymaker / 4. Albatross / 5. Man Of The World / 6. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown).
Side B: 1. Dreams / 2. Rhiannon / 3. Say You Love Me / 4. Spare Me A Little Of Your Love / 5. The Chain