Electric Light Orchestra - Live On Air 1972- CD

Electric Light Orchestra - Live On Air 1972- CD

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Electric Light Orchestra, live on air 1972

Lynne’s sleek symphonic pop pastiche of his 50s and 60s musical heroes has inevitably stood the test of time considering the legacy and success of the Electric Light Orchestra. Born on the same West Midlands streets that spawned the Moody Blues and Black Sabbath, ELO concocted an altogether different beast where progressive pop met symphonic rock to create a global success story. These early performances offer a rare glimpse into what the original vision was for the Electric Light Orchestra and the journey thereafter with two extremely gifted songwriters rewriting their own destinies in the process.

London Calling presents the Electric Light Orchestra in a spectacular set featuring the band’s first ever broadcast performances from 1972 for TV and radio. Presenting fully restored and professionally remastered broadcasts with background notes and timeline photos.

‘Sounds of the 70s’, BBC Studio, Birmingham 14th February 1972 BBC radio
Hosted by Bob Harris
1.10538 Overture / 2. Nellie Takes Her Bow (with interview) / 3. Battle Of Marston Moor (July 2nd, 1644)

BBC Studios, London, 1st November 1972 BBC radio
4. Roll Over Beethoven / 5. Kuiama

Granada TV Studios, Manchester, 20th June 1972 Granada TV
6. Queen Of The Hours / 7. Jeff’s Boogie No.2 (aka In Old England Town - Boogie No.2) / 8. Whisper In The Night / 9. Great Balls Of Fire / 10. 10538 Overture / 11. Interview with Jeff Lynne (2nd February 1972) / 12. Interview with Roy Wood (2nd February 1972)