David Crosby Dallas 1987 - CD

David Crosby Dallas 1987 - CD

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David Crosby Dallas 1987
Rockefeller’s, Dallas, TX April 18th 1987 KZEW-FM

With nearly nine months as a guest of the Texas penal system safely behind him, David Crosby embarked on the next chapter of his life with renewed spirituality and sense of purpose, and more importantly - clean. A landmark performance alongside Stephen Stills at Manor Downs and a new album with Stills and Graham Nash saw Crosby’s original passion for words and music return with abundance and an energy he hadn’t felt since recording the CSN debut album back in ‘69. Undoubtedly, Crosby was back, but stronger and wiser from his experiences as this premier performance from Rockefeller’s, Dallas TX on April 18th 1987 clearly illustrates. Although Crosby may have abandoned reality for over a decade, the voice that sings the songs clearly never left his side.

Timeline revisits this memorable performance with a fully restored and professionally remastered original KZEW-FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and timeline photos.

Tracklisting: 1. The Lee Shore / 2. For Free / 3. Almost Cut My Hair / 4. In My Dreams / 5. Delta / 6. Oh Yes I Can/Prison Story / 7. Compass / 8. Guinnevere / 9. Wooden Ships / 10. Long Time Gone