David Bowie - Tokyo 78 - Music Cassette

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David Bowie's farewell performance in Japan in December 1978 for the 'Low/Heroes World Tour' offers a prized snapshot of the artist's work over the preceding 3 years with Young Americans and Station to Station featuring prominently alongside his two then new albums. Having left LA and a cocaine habit behind, Bowie was energized and on the verge of something ultimately and creatively new. Inspiring is an understatement. 

A limited edition Solid Red cassette with machine numbered 12-page J Card. Includes background liner notes and archival imagery.

Track listing:

Side One: 1. Warszawa / 2. Heroes / 3. Fame / 4. Beauty And The Beast / 5. Five Years / 6. Soul Love. Side Two: 1. Star / 2. Hang On To Yourself / 3. Ziggy Stardust / 4. Suffragette City / 5. Station To Station / 6. TVC15