David Bowie - Outside Tour - Live '95 - 180g Red & White Speckled Vinyl

David Bowie - Outside Tour - Live '95 - 180g Red & White Speckled Vinyl

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Bowie's thrust back into the alternative limelight had been marked in 1994 with Nirvana's respectful homage via MTV and adapting Man Who Sold The World. Bowie was promoting his latest album 'Outside' while returning to a territory that recalled his cherished 'Berlin' period for the Dissonance tour in 1995. Back with Brian Eno and riding high with The Hearts Filthy Lesson, his 1995 collaboration with new industrial gods NIN was both brave and rewarding, but as these shows and countless others testify, Bowie will survive with or without the next big thing.

Protus proudly presents a prized pairing of two pristine FM radio broadcasts from Bowie’s USA tour in support of his 19th studio album 'Outside'. Professionally remastered original Nationwide/KLLT-FM radio broadcasts with background liners and rare photos, pressed on 180g Red & White Speckled Vinyl and presented in a hand-numbered sleeve with insert.


Side 1 - Riverport Amphitheater, Maryland Heights, St Louis, MO, 11th October 1995 (KLLT-FM): 1. The Heart's Filthy Lesson (4:56) / 2. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town (4:21) / 3. Outside (4:34) / 4. Andy Warhol (3:40) / 5: The Man Who Sold The World (3:42) / 6. Teenage
Wildlife (7:28)

Side 2 - Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, 21st October 1995 1. Look Back In Anger / 2. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) / 3. Breaking Glass / 4. We Prick You / 5. A Small Plot Of Land / 6. Under Pressure