Danny McCormack - Once A Wildheart Always A Wildheart - Book - SIGNED COPIES

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The Wildhearts & Danny McCormack are names synonymous with nineties Rock 'n' Roll. The band that almost had it all. Their infectious songs spoke directly to a generation of fans who saw them not only as a mighty fine Rock meets Metal meets Punk band but as salvation from the artery-clogging cheese of the manufactured mainstream. the kerrang favourites fought back against poodle rock, Britpop and Burberry-covered nineties lad and ladette subculture. Danny McCormack was only nineteen when he left Newcastle to join forces with Ginger , CJ and Rich/Stidi in London to form what would be known as the classic Wildhearts line-up. As well as being in The Wildhearts, Danny also fronted The YoYo's , The Main Grains and The Chasers.

Young, attractive and talented, the bassist soon fell in love with the Rock 'n' Roll world and all of the excesses that the profession drags along with it. Before hitting twenty-two he'd been on Top Of The Pops, toured with AC/DC and recklessly circumnavigated the globe. Danny's warts 'n' all life story incorporates all the sex, drugs and Punk 'n' Roll you can handle, but what it fundamentally deals with is his real life and struggles away from the tour buses, hotel bars and television studios. Addiction, bipolar, Ginger, amputation, family, and never giving up. He is undoubtedly a survivor, a lifer, a troubadour and a maverick. As his Mam always said, "Danny you've got more lives the a schizophrenic cat".

Written over a two year period with Vive Le Rock music journalist Guy Shankland, Danny pulls no punches while leaving no stone unturned and what you always get with affable Mr McCormack is the truth. This is a comparable and very British version of 'The Dirt'.