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Curse of Lono - Severed - CD

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Acclaimed new London five-piece Curse Of Lono present their debut album ‘Severed’, a sumptuously cinematic record that combines spaced out, harmony-laden indie-folk with driving, gothic alt-rock, ‘Severed’ was produced at Gun Factory studio by Oli Bayston (Boxed In).

Founded and fronted by Felix Bechtolsheimer, formerly the singer-guitarist in British roots pioneers Hey Negrita, Curse Of Lono formed in early 2015, though the songs on ‘Severed’ were written over a 14-year period. They range from the perky, Paul Simon-ish new single ‘Pick Up The Pieces’ to the more lugubrious ‘He Takes My Place’, the almost jazzy ‘London Rain’ and the rootsy, rhythmic ‘Send For The Whiskey’. The album belongs as much to the Americana tradition and old faithfuls such as Little Feat as it does to more modern, playful practitioners of the form such as Beck.

Lyrically, the songs cover themes including infidelity and sexual jealousy, the death of friends, and Felix’s personal struggle with heroin addiction. 'Although ‘Severed’ is a dark record in places, it is not an addiction record,' says Felix. 'It’s about growing up enough to be able to share a drink with the ghosts of the past without letting them push you around.'
1. Five Miles / 2. Pick Up The Pieces / 3. Each Time You Hurt / 4. Just My Head / 5. London Rain / 6. He Takes My Place / 7. Send For The Whisky / 8. All I Got / 9. Welcome Home / 10. Don’t Look Down