The Sisterhood - Gift - Music Cassette

The Sisterhood - Gift - Music Cassette

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Following the bitter end of the Sisters Of Mercy and subsequent musical split, Andrew Eldritch formed The Sisterhood in early 1986 alongside Alan Vega (Suicide), Lucas Fox (Motorhead), Patricia Morrison (Sisters Of Mercy), James Ray (Gangwar) and Doktor Avalanche (the Sisters' drum machine), beating to the punch former band mates Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey for control of the Sisterhood name.

This remastered five track album features the extended mix of the band's first single Giving Ground and has become a sought after classic to many fans.

1. Jihad / 2. Colours / 3. Giving Ground / 4. Finland Red, Egypt White / 5. Rain From Heaven

Each order comes with an exclusive Gift Lyric postcard (only available through Cadiz)

A Cadiz Music/Merciful Release