Spooky Tooth - Live 1970 - CD

Spooky Tooth - Live 1970 - CD

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Spooky Tooth certainly had the talent and what it took to make it big, but like many bands they didn't seem to be able to break-out commercially. However, their final album The Last Puff remains an outstanding contribution to not just rock music history, but the combined careers and credibility of all involved. This incredible October 12th 1970 performance of Spooky Tooth at the Big Apple club, Munich is a stunning snapshot of the final days of that second incarnation who reclaimed their integrity through The Last Puff and went out with a bang and a selection of solid rockers that confirm their place in the rock canon.

London Calling revisits that iconic period immediately before the band's demise, touring in support of their critically acclaimed third and final album. Carefully restored and professionally remastered original WDR broadcast. Presented here with an 8-page booklet containing background notes and timeline photos.

Mike Harrison - vocals; Luther Grosvenor - guitar; Mike Kellie - drums; Steve Thompson - bass; John Hawken - keyboards..

Track listing:
1. I Wanna Be Free / 2. Wrong Time / 3. Alone / 4. Soulful Lady / 5. Better By You Better Than Me / 6. Son Of Your Father / 7. Something To Say / 8. I Am The Walrus