David Crosby -Live In New York 1984 - CD

David Crosby -Live In New York 1984 - CD

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It would be difficult to find any musician who experienced such exhilarating highs and such soul crushing lows as did David Crosby on his journey through the 60s and beyond. As the 70s progressed, Crosby began to demonstrate increasingly erratic behaviour, and by the 80s he was deep in the grips of a serious drug abuse problem and his feet were firmly planted on a path of self-destruction. His downward spiral finally bottomed out in 1985, when a drug-related arrest in Dallas resulted in a prison term that forced Crosby to endure the painful steps toward recovery that would eventually save his life. In 1984, the year prior to the big crash, Crosby took to the road, performing solo acoustic sets followed by full blown electric sets that featured an outstanding band of younger San Francisco-based musicians, while former Byrdmate Roger McGuinn opened for the tour. All in all, the Beacon Theater performance from March 24th offers an honest glimpse of Crosby in 1984, a monstrously talented musician headed toward oblivion, but thankfully avoiding such a disaster.
Timeline revisits this classic performance with a fully restored and professionally remastered original WNEW-FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and photos.

With Slick Aguilar - lead guitar; Austin Delone - keyboards; Tony Saunders - bass; Jay David - drums; Roger McGuinn - guitar, vocals (tracks 5&6).

1. The Lee Shore / 2. For Free / 3. Carry Me / 4. Delta / 5. Mr. Tambourine Man* / 6. Eight Miles High* / 7. Guinnevere / 8. Deja Vu / 9. Low Down Payment/Bass Solo/Serpentine Fire/Purple Haze/Reprise / 10. Triad / 11. Almost Cut My Hair / 12. Wooden Ships / 13. Long Time

* With Roger McGuinn