Braindogs (feat Ian Siegal) - Real Live Brains - CD

Braindogs (feat Ian Siegal) - Real Live Brains - CD

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A lunatic bash dedicated to the living genius of Tom Waits played and screamed by Ian Siegal,  Ripoff Raskolnikov, Mischa den Haring, Livius Varga, Frenk, Szabolcs Nagy and Laca Varga.

It all started with a tribute night dedicated to Tom Waits and his crazy ingeniousity. It broke into success, both the audience and musicians enjoying themselves a lot. Since then there have been several annual performances around the birthday of Tom Waits.

These shows apparently are mostly done without having rehearsed first. It feels like you’re watching a jam-session but a really, really good one. The fun these guys have on stage is contagious.

Braindogs are 7 excellent musicians, featuring the ingenious British, Amsterdam-based, Ian Siegal, regarded to be one of the best soul-blues singers by none other than Tom Waits himself; Ripoff Raskolnikov, the master of Austrian blues; Mischa den Haring, the leader of Europe's finest roots rock band, T-99 & Lívius Varga from the immensely popular Hungarian band ‘Quimby’

The main thing about the Braindogs is that this is not a tribute band. Everyone in this group is a respected songwriter in their own right.

This formation is really an all-star homage to Mr Waits, and that's what makes it so special.

1. Goin' Out West / 2. Shore Leave / 3. Everybody's Talking At The Same Time / 4. Underground / 5. Jockey Full Of Bourbon / 6. Dirt In The Ground / 7. Heartattack And Vine / 8. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six / 9. Yesterday Is Here / 10. 2:19 / 11. Rain Dogs / 12. The House Where Nobody Lives /                   13. Union Square / 14. Downtown Train