Blue Cheer - Lone Star Cafe, New York 1984 - CD

Blue Cheer - Lone Star Cafe, New York 1984 - CD

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Ten years after Eddie Cochran hit big with Summertime Blues, Blue Cheer landed a genuine and unexpected success with their amplifiers collectively devouring it. In retrospect, the album Vincebus Eruptum, an eruptive orgy of raw rhythms and shrieking feedback, would play a crucial pioneering role in the evolution of that genre which became later known as heavy metal. 16 years on, Dickie Peterson's visionary noise hadn't relented while the show went on with original drummer Paul Whaley and 1978's comeback kid Tony Rainier. With a new line-up and a new album, The Beast Is Back, in the can, the power trio hit the Lone Star Café, NYC on 30th May 1984 to remind 'the city that never sleeps' why it won't tonight when Blue Cheer comes to town!

Timeline revisits a powerhouse performance from the grand masters of metal with a fully restored and professionally remastered WOHA FM broadcast. Presented with background notes and archival photos.

Dickie Peterson - bass, vocals; Tony Rainer - guitar; Paul Whaley - drums.

1. Rock Me Baby / 2. The Girl Next Door / 3. Just A Little Bit / 4. Blues Cadillac / 5. Boney Maroney / 6. Nightmares / 7. Ride With Me / 8. Second Time Around