Black Sabbath - Live… L’Olympia, Paris 1970 - CD

Black Sabbath - Live… L’Olympia, Paris 1970 - CD

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Black Sabbath France 1970
‘Pop Shop’, L'Olympia, Paris, France 19th December 1970 Belgian TV

Coming at the very end of the late 60’s, Black Sabbath were the polar opposite of a lot of the hippy flower power movement: four rough-arsed blokes from Birmingham playing a very distinctive brand of rock (not overtly blues or progressive) and taking it overseas like the four horsemen of the apocalypse. In September 1970, just two days after Paranoid was thrusted into UK record shops, Sabbath arrived in Paris to deliver an unholy massacre of sludging riffs and slamming drums. Performed at L’Olympia, Paris on 19th December 1970 for Belgian TV show Pop Shop, Sabbath look and sound like no other, yet more importantly, they are about to change the face of rock music forever. Their set is filled with an intoxicating, incendiary mix of foreboding power that announces the arrival of Paranoid and the birth of heavy metal as we know it.

Timeline revisits this groundbreaking concert with a fully restored and professionally remastered original broadcast. Presented with background notes and timeline photos.

1. Intro/Paranoid / 2. Hand Of Doom/Rat Salad / 3. Iron Man / 4. Guitar Intro / 5. Black Sabbath / 6. N.I.B. / 7. Behind The Wall Of Sleep/Jazz Improvisation / 8. War Pigs / 9. Fairies Wear Boots