Black Sabbath - Live In Brussels, Belgium 1970 - CD

Black Sabbath - Live In Brussels, Belgium 1970 - CD

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Black Sabbath, live from Théâtre 140, Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium October 3rd 1970

During their peak in the first half of the 1970s, Black Sabbath set about creating a series of albums that would only grow in stature. It was with their highly accomplished second album, Paranoid where their credentials were solidly stamped forever into the heaviest ingot of metal yet to be forged. Moreover, it was Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford who proclaimed that: “Paranoid formed the blueprint for metal”. The supporting tour saw the band perform 121 shows throughout Europe and the USA through to April 1971. In response to the sudden furore surrounding the band, a few performances in Europe in 1970 were captured by French and Belgian broadcasters. Many years down the line, the mystique might be gone, but hearing Black Sabbath live in their formative years remains a unique and moving experience as this show from Théâtre 140, Schaerbeek, Brussels on October 3rd 1970 proves time and again.

London Calling revisits a landmark performance beyond the grave from the masters of Heavy Metal! Presented with a fully restored and professionally remastered original RBTF-TV broadcast with background notes and timeline photos.

1. Introduction / 2. Paranoid / 3. Hand Of Doom / 4. Rat Salad (drum solo) / 5. Iron Man / 6. Black Sabbath / 7. Intermission / 8. N.I.B. / 9. Behind The Wall Of Sleep / 10. War Pigs / 11. Fairies Wear Boots