Bexatron - Hey You! -  CD

Bexatron - Hey You! - CD

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Bexatron, dubbed the ‘next Blondie’ by the British press, proudly present their highly anticipated album 'Hey You' on Zube Records. The albums first single, ‘Dirty Disco’, will be accompanied by a video release and supported by an Autumn U.K. tour. In early 2019, the band will continue their album promotion by appearances in Europe and North America. Bexatron have toured relentlessly across the United Kingdom over the past year and have built a solid following of fans that have been captured by the band’s high energy, ‘power chick’ performances. Three staggered single releases over the coming 12 months will be backed up by an aggressive PR campaign that will target major media channels including radio, television and social media.

1. Out Of My Tree / 2. Dirty Disco / 3. Co Co (I Should) / 4. New York Doll / 5. Subway Freeks / 6. Mandy Metdown / 7. Take Me Back To Jo Jo's / 8. I'm Trash / 9. :Lovev And Distortion / 10. Hex Your Ex