Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse - Live In The United Kingdom 2023 - CD / LP Formats

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse - Live In The United Kingdom 2023 - CD / LP Formats

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Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse had no idea if their seasoned sound engineer, Jerome Bach, hit record on a multitrack recording as they took the stage on a Tuesday night in May 2023. The venue, Arlington Arts in Newbury, was wired to record live shows and thanks to Jerome's quick thinking most of the performance was captured with full multitrack capabilities, becoming the first 14 tracks on their first live album, 'Live in The United Kingdom 2023'.

The 28 track double CD was recorded during the band's 3 week UK tour in April and May of 2023. The collection includes songs from the band's first two albums, 'Love & Murder' and 'Good Times End Times', plus some choice covers including 'Make It Wit Chu' by Queens Of The Stone Age and 'I’m on Fire' by Bruce Springsteen.

For fans of Robin's former band, The Hoax, there is also a cover of 'Fistful Of Dirt' as well as multiple guest appearances by former bandmate and songwriter/guitarist, Jon Amor. The set also includes a new song, 'Penny Paid Rockstar,' which is previously unreleased.

A Beaux Gris Gris show is never the same twice - if there is a setlist it is rarely fully adhered to and this is reflected on each disc. The first 14 tracks from 'The Theatre Show' are a more considered affair. Recorded on May 2nd at Arlington Arts Centre in Newbury, UK, the band's mellower songs 'Bungalow Paradise' and 'Alone' get an outing. During the delicate piano intro and stellar vocal performance by Greta Valenti in 'Baby Baby' you can hear a pin drop. However, on Disc 02 - 'The Club Shows' - it's a far more rowdy adult affair. Recorded in Brecon, Edinburgh and Poyntone the rooms are tightly packed and sweaty. The audience is up close and personal; songs are bent and stretched to go with the flow. Not originally intended to be an opportunity to record a live album, by chance guitarist Robin Davey used a simple 8 track set up to run his personal in-ear mix that also had the ability to record. After the band started listening back to each show, it became apparent these recordings would be a perfect accompaniment to the full multitrack theatre show.

Vinyl Tracklisting.

Theatre Show - Heartbreaker, Baby Was Rich, Bungalow Paradise, Baby Baby, Louisiana Good Ride, Don't Let The Bastards Drag You Down, Fill Me Up (Ft Jon Amor)

Club Shows - Trouble Is Coming, Gris Gris, Have Mercy, Is This The Blues?, I'm On Fire, Fistful Of Dirt, Make It Wit Chu, What's My Name.

Beaux Gris Gris & The Apocalypse are: Greta Valenti: Vocals/Percussion (USA); Robin Davey: Guitar/Backing Vocals (USA/UK); Emma Jonson: Piano/Keytar/Backing Vocals (UK); Stephen Mildwater: Bass/Backing Vocals (UK); Tom Rasulo: Drums/Backing Vocals (USA).