Frank Zappa - Live In El Paso 1975 - CD2

Frank Zappa - Live In El Paso 1975 - CD2

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Zappa's 1975 tour was unique, with its new virtuoso drummer, a dedicated slide guitarist and the presence on stage of Don Van Vliet. Recorded just two days after the live tracks on Bongo Fury this El Paso gig has it all: Captain Beefheart on vocals (one track), harmonica, soprano sax and 'assorted craziness'; A guest appearance on vocals by original Mother Jimmy Carl Black 'the Indian of the group' (two tracks); new drummer Terry Bozzio finding his feet and repaying FZ's faith in him with interest; the unique slide stylings of Zappa's childhood friend Denny Walley; Napoleon Murphy Brock having the night of his life as a vocalist; George Duke on jazz/ funk fire and the extraordinary Fowler brothers Tom and Walt. Add a succession of great guitar solos by the great man himself and a general sense of experimentation and what you get is a very special event.

Performed at the County Coliseum, El Paso, Texas, 23rd May 1975 and broadcast by KLAQ-FM.

Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals; Captain Beefheart - harp, vocals, soprano sax, assorted craziness; Denny Walley - slide guitar, vocals; George Duke - keyboards, vocals; Napoleon Murphy Brock - sax, vocals; Bruce Fowler - trombone; Tom Fowler - bass; Terry Bozzio - drums; Jimmy Carl Black - vocals.

Disc 1: 1. Improvisation / 2. Apostrophe/Band Intro / 3. Stinkfoot / 4. I'm Not Satisfied / 5. Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy / 6.Velvet Sunrise / 7. A Pound For A Brown.

Disc 2: 1. You're So Fine / 2. Lonely Lonely Nights / 3. Debra Kadabra / 4. Montana / 5. Montana Improv / 6. Advance Romance / 7. Florentine Pogen