Jeff Beck Group - Live 1972 - CD2

Jeff Beck Group - Live 1972 - CD2

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Following the release of the Jeff Beck Group album in May 1972, the band ventured across Europe for a handful of live appearances that would turn out to be their last. Taped just weeks before the official dissolution of the band, these stunning performances captured in Bremen and London are stacked with delights from unsuspecting sources. The tight, funky groove of Middleton and Chaman, coupled with the fury of Beck and Tench up front with Cozy Powell’s menacing thunder behind the kit, make for compelling listening, but Beck would walk shortly after, leaving history to join the dots and pick up the pieces.

London Calling revisits these two iconic performances from the Jeff Beck Group in 1972, just weeks before their demise and recorded for Beat Club in Bremen, Germany on March 25th 1972 and for BBC's In Concert in London on 29th June, 1972. Featuring fully restored and professionally remastered original radio broadcasts. Presented with an 8-page booklet including background notes and timeline photos.

Jeff Beck - guitar; Bobby Tench - vocals; Max Middleton - keyboards; Clive Chaman - bass; Cozy Powell - drums

Track listing:
Disc 1 - Beat Club, Bremen, Germany, 25th March 1972, WDR: 1. I Got The Feeling / 2. Situation / 3. Walk Me Out In The Morning Dew / 4. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You / 5. Goin' Down / 6. Definitely Maybe.
Disc 2 - BBC In Concert, 29th June 1972: 1. Intro/Ice Cream Cakes / 2. Morning Dew / 3. Max Middleton solo/Goin' Down/Band intros / 4. Definitely Maybe / 5. New Ways / 6. Ain't No Sunshine / 7. Got The Feeling / 8. Let Me Love You